The fashion accessory "newcomer"

Blue Lemon Paris is the newcomer in the fashion accessory market. Our brand suggests more than 1500 products to our women and men customers. Created in 2006, by Gregory Salzmann and David Arnoux, Blue Lemon Paris opened its third store in Paris in the Montmartre area (75018).

The special hint

Blue Lemon Paris concept: create a store where everybody can find THE detail, the hint which can make the difference and make you more "fashion extraordinary". The new bracelet or the trendy phalanx ring, impossible to find anywhere else, the earings or the necklace which looks so good on you, the matching scarf with your new pair of shoes you just bought on a private sales. You'll also find beautiful leather bags and clutch leather bags made in Italy, with a wide range of colors....

• Fashion, always fashion, only fashion •

"We receive new products every week, in order to make a trendy selection and create fashion collections from 10 to 20 new products" Grégory said.

The "mustach" trend was successfull but we had to be fashion-conscious with the fast coming back of the "fluo" trend, the brazilian bracelets, and even the "studded" trend, in succeeding weeks.

A store for her and for him

Like a true fashionista, there is designer in you... who's dreaming... about giving a new-look to your boyfriend in order to make a 100% "match" with your fashion style. Dedicated only to "urban dandy" men at the beginning, Blue Lemon Paris did'nt forget whose made us a real success on the web, the brand still offers a wide range of men fashion accesories: cufflinks, ties, jewelry, scarves, belts...

To cheaply accessorize yourself !

Blue Lemon Paris gives you the opportunity to offer or to treat yourself the new fashion accesory for a reasonable price. The intention is to "democratize" the fashion accessories. This studied and convincing positioning gives the following result: affordable prices which allow each customer to reinvent his fashion style according to his own wishes, to cheaply accessorize himself.